The best lens colors for fishing sunglasses. The ultimate guide.

The Best Lens Colors For Fishing

As a fisherman, you know that having the right pair of fishing glasses can make a big difference out on the water. 

With the right lenses you're able to see deeper into the water allowing you to notice important indicators such as weed beds, drop-offs, logs and even fish -- giving you a huge advantage over the competition. 

Grizzly Sunglasses Showing How They Can See Fish  In The Water

...But lens color is not a one-size-fits-all sort of situation.

In fact, its mostly based on the type of fishing you're doing and the current conditions.

So lets dive in to some different use cases for different colored lenses...

Blue Mirror Lenses

Blue mirror lens polarized fishing sunglasses

Blue mirror lenses are the best choice for offshore and deep sea fishing. 

If you're out in the ocean facing heavy sun and glare and need maximum protection - these are what you need.

The blue mirror matches the color of the deep ocean water which helps reflect more of the light away from your eyes.

This dramatically reduces eye fatigue and allow for better contrast and visual clarity on the open water. 

Green mirror lenses

green mirror lens polarized fishing sunglasses

Green mirror lenses are the best choice when you're fishing inshore or flats. 

Green mirror lenses provide minimal color distortion and enhanced contrast. So, they can brighten shadows while minimizing glare. A great choice for sight fishing

Another advantage is they are effective when its sunny or cloudy. So, when the clouds decide to come out, you still get great contrast and clear vision.

Finally, they can help spot green objects under the water such as weed beds (or bass!) - which can be very useful in brown or shallow water. 


Orange mirror lenses

orange mirror lens polarized fishing sunglasses

Orange mirror lenses are good for lower light fishing around dawn and dusk, but still effective in brighter conditions.

The orange mirror lens helps block more of the orange light often seen around dawn or dusk allowing for better contrast and clearer vision at these times. 

Since they have a mirror coating, they will provide more protection from glare than a pure amber or yellow lens and can still be effective even in brighter conditions (but less so than the blue or green).

Since they are not as dark as some of the other lenses options, they are a good choice in cloudy or dim conditions. 

Grey lenses

grey lens polarized fishing sunglasses

Grey lenses are the classic. All around good choice for a variety of conditions. 

There is a reason grey lenses are so popular, its because they are extremely versatile. 

They work well in bright conditions to help minimize eye strain and fatigue, but can still be used in slightly dimmer conditions so they are perfect for variable weather

Since they filter all light equally, you also see the true colors of your surroundings.      

Grab these when you're not sure what conditions you might be facing. 

amber lenses

amber lens polarized fishing sunglasses

Amber lenses are best for sight fishing in shallow water and lower light conditions. 

Amber lenses block out blue light and are excellent at increasing contrast

This makes them the perfect choice when you are sight fishing in shallow water, whether it be inshore, flats, rivers or streams. 

Although they provide adequate protection for brighter conditions, they work best in lower light or overcast weather

So if you're looking for maximum contrast for sight fishing, or are fishing the shallows under dimmer conditions - these are the perfect pair to use.

photochromic lenses

photochromic lens polarized fishing sunglasses

The best choice for low light and variable conditions. 

Photochromic lenses change their tint based on the conditions, darkening up as it becomes brighter.

These are the perfect solution in extremely low light conditions when you still want the advantage of polarized lenses, but don't need as much protection from the sun. 

Since they darken to provide more protection when the sun comes out, they are excellent to use in variable conditions

So there you have it. Hope these tips have helped give you some ideas on what to look for when you're grabbing your next pair of fishing glasses!

...Because fishing isn't just about catching fish; it's also about observing and understanding their behavior in order to catch them more effectively. 

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Happy Fishing!

Fishing Sunglasses Lens Guide

Lens color guide for fishing sunglasses

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