Why Do Pros Catch More Fish?

Pro Fishermen catch more fish...

But what's the secret?

Better rods?

Better reels?

It might not be what you think...

You can give a novice and a pro the same gear, and the pro will catch more fish 9 times out of 10.

...So, what does the pro have that the novice doesn't?

The ability to adapt.

They notice things, little things, that lead to big weigh-ins.

They stop thinking about how to catch fish and think as the fish does.

...As fish are simple creatures.

They move towards safety, food, and comfort.

They eat what is accessible, and known.

So the pro thinks, where would they feel safe, where would their food be, where do they feel comfortable.

Where is the food?

Perhaps they notice what insects are hatching, and where they are active.

Is it hot?

The fish may have gone deeper to be more comfortable.

Where is it safe?

They might be hiding in some weed beds, logs, drop-offs.

They piece these clues together, almost intuitively, and magically they have a fish on while you are left wondering...

"How'd they do that?"

But how can you learn this "secret of the pros"?

Well, you need information. Without that, there is nothing to piece together.

So, to adapt, you must first see and notice these "clues".

That is why you almost never see pro fishermen without a pair of sunglasses.

Specifically, polarized sunglasses.

Being able to cut through the sun's glare gives them the ability to see deeper into the water and notice things they could have never seen without them.

Not only can they see the logs, weed beds, and food sources more clearly.

...They can even see the fish if they're in the shallows.

Now, polarized lenses aren't the only key.

The color of the lenses and the mirror coatings make a huge difference as well.

Blue mirror lenses help cut the blue reflection coming off the open water, which is why you see many ocean fishermen with blue mirror glasses.

Amber lenses increase contrast, allowing them to see colors more clearly to identify weed beds or fish.

For every type of fishing and condition, there is an ideal lens to provide the clearest vision and the biggest advantage to notice those "clues".

That is why when we were creating sunglasses for the pros (Grizzly Fishing Sunglasses) we decided that we needed multiple lenses so they could adapt to the conditions more effectively than their competition.

...And so we did.

We created the Grizzly Fishing Pro Sunglasses Kit, with 4 sets of lenses included covering the widest variety of conditions.

Sure, they have all the bells and whistles you expect.

HD polarized lenses, anti-reflective coating, 100% UVA/UVB protection.

...But the real secret sauce is the ability to swap out lenses in an instant.

Imagine this...

You're fishing in shallow water, using standard gray lenses. But, you can't see the details under the water. You can see "things" but not in enough detail.

You quickly swap to your amber lenses to increase contrast and all of a sudden you can see a few of those "things" are actually fish hiding in a weed bed.

You notice a swarm of insects over the area and see a few floating in the water.

You immediately swap your lure, something that might look more like those insects, and with nervous excitement cast into the area around the fish...

...only a moment passes before you can actually SEE the fish come out of hiding to ferociously inhale your lure.


Your friends watch in amazement as you bring in fish after fish while they settle for cracking another cold one and talk about how lucky you are.

But, you know that it wasn't luck.

You adapted, like the pros.

That is the experience we wanted to give with our sunglasses.

Because not everyone wants to be a pro fisherman, but they do want to catch fish like a pro.

And now you can.

Not only are they the most adaptable fishing sunglasses on the market.

They might even be the most comfortable...

... Because when you're on the water all day, you don't want to be distracted by a tight, heavy burden on your temples.

That's why we use extremely lightweight and flexible Swiss-engineered TR-90 plastic frames.

But what about durability?

Our impact-resistant lenses come with an anti-scratch coating as well, to keep your vision crystal clear even after you inevitably drop them a couple of times.

A hard case to keep them safe when not in use, with individual lens slots for all your extra lenses. Keeping them safe and organized.

Are they expensive?

They are a fraction of the cost of some of the "high-end" brands because we didn't want our glasses to be just for the pros... but the weekend warrior as well.

And, even if you manage to ruin a set of lenses (which does happen to serious outdoors-man)... you can just replace the lenses instead of the whole pair.

Saving you countless dollars over your lifetime.

So, if you are ready to adapt like the pros.

We'd love it if you gave our sunglasses a shot, risk-free.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee you can try them out and see for yourself.

If they aren't for you, no hard feelings.

If you're ready to step up your fishing game, first you have to step up your vision game.

We have limited stock available so they won't last long.

You can tap below to check them out.

Happy fishing!