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These state of the art sunglasses have a titanium frame-- meaning they are strong, light and built to last. They also have polarized lenses which improve your fishing experience by: 

  • Increasing visual comfort by cutting out glare.
  • Enhancing clarity of vision.
  • Enhancing colors.
  • Cutting out glare and blocking reflections.
  • Reducing eye strain and eye fatigue.

Which lens is best for you?

Brown Lens: Great for overcast days and freshwater fishing. They increase contrast and brighten your vision-- a good choice for sight casting.

Smoke Lens: Reduce overall brightness for sunny days and offshore fishing. They also help maintain color clarity throughout the day, even during the evening when the sun is setting.  

Amber Lens: Improve clarity when you're fishing in stream beds and sandy lakes. They increase contrast and improve vision on overcast days. They also help differentiate blue skies and darker water which is an advantage when fishing. 

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