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Dave B.
Verified Purchase

Thank you for the Quality Polarized Sunlasses!! They cut the glare of the Pacific Ocean at Neah Bay! They are the Absolute must Have for Fishing! And I Do A Lot of it!!

Jake F.
Verified Purchase

A Grizzly fishing just wanted to say that I still just absolutely love my sunglasses I bought them in the beginning of the year and they still look new they fit perfect they cut all Reflections out and I absolutely just love them thank you very much

Paul N.
Verified Purchase

You guys are awesome!! I will post to my FB and Insta account about your awesome customer service and prompt communication as amazing quality sun glasses. Thank you !!

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Professional Fit-Over Fishing Sunglasses

Professional Fit-Over Fishing Sunglasses

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Our Professional Fit-Over Fishing Glasses are specifically designed for anglers. Polarized lenses reflect glare and have UV 400 protection which keeps harmful UVA & UVB away from your eyes. Ultra-light frames protect you from the sun and wind while keeping you comfortable all day long. Fit them comfortably over your prescription glasses, so you can still tie your lines while being safe from the suns harmful rays.

  • Ultra-light & Durable Frame
  • Polarized UV400 Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Comfortably Fits Over Your Prescription Glasses

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