Grizzly Fishing Hook Remover & Knot Tying Tool

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Sometimes it can be a pain to release a fish you don't want... 

But now it can be easy!

Next time you're fiddling with your pliers trying to release a fish-- you're going to wish you had this tool. 

Now you can responsible fisherman AND make your life easier at the same time. 

It even includes a knot tying tool so you can make the perfect loop knot every time. These knots add more realistic action to your lure and can help you catch MORE fish!

  • Lightweight and practical, easy to carry, convenient to use
  • Perfect for removing hooks from fish with teeth or deeply-hooked fish
  • Decrease the rate of hurting fish, ensures maximum post-release survival probability
  • An indispensable tool for fishing enthusiasts that should be in every anglers box
  • Includes a knot tying tool so you can easily tie loop knots


Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! For a limited time, we will be adding an extra tool with every order. So you can give one to your favorite fishing buddy!

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