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Dave B.
Verified Purchase

Thank you for the Quality Polarized Sunlasses!! They cut the glare of the Pacific Ocean at Neah Bay! They are the Absolute must Have for Fishing! And I Do A Lot of it!!

Jake F.
Verified Purchase

A Grizzly fishing just wanted to say that I still just absolutely love my sunglasses I bought them in the beginning of the year and they still look new they fit perfect they cut all Reflections out and I absolutely just love them thank you very much

Paul N.
Verified Purchase

You guys are awesome!! I will post to my FB and Insta account about your awesome customer service and prompt communication as amazing quality sun glasses. Thank you !!

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Fishdrops - The World's Lightest Carbon Fiber Baitcasting Reel

Fishdrops - The World's Lightest Carbon Fiber Baitcasting Reel

$59.99 $239.99
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The 2017 World's Lightest Baitcasting Fishing Reel has finally arrived! Weighing only 169g, this fast performance reel will be sure to "WOW" even the most hardcore fishing enthusiasts!


  • Baitcasting fishing reel comes with two control systems, magnetic and centrifugal, has the maximum power drag of 7.5 KG and the gear ratio of 7:0:1.
  • At 169g, it is the world's lightest fishing reel available and perfectly grips hands while fishing thanks to its prolonged handles.
  • Features 17 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a quick-stop one-way clutch system that delivers the desired performance during fishing.
  • Includes CNC Machined Aluminum Spool and a finely tuned Magnetic Brake System to offer desired performance.
  • High Strength Carbon Material and Side Plate to protect the fishing reel and make it 100% corrosion free.

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